Upcoming Innovations from GPD: What to Expect Next

Upcoming Innovations from GPD: What to Expect Next

Upcoming Innovations from GPD: What to Expect Next

GPD, renowned for its handheld gaming consoles and mini-laptops, continues to push the boundaries of portable computing. Here's a look at what we can expect next from GPD as they prepare to launch new and exciting products.

  1. GPD WIN 4

  • Overview: The GPD WIN 4 is anticipated to be the next evolution in GPD’s line of handheld gaming PCs. Building on the success of its predecessors, this device promises enhanced performance and features.
  • Key Features: Expected to include a more powerful processor, possibly the latest Intel or AMD Ryzen chips, improved graphics capabilities, and a higher resolution display. Enhanced battery life and ergonomic design are also likely.
  • Why It’s Exciting: The GPD WIN 4 aims to deliver a desktop-level gaming experience in a portable format, making it ideal for gamers on the go.
  • External Link: GPD WIN 4 Details
  1. GPD Pocket 3

  • Overview: Following the success of the GPD Pocket series, the Pocket 3 is set to continue the tradition of ultra-portable mini-laptops with full desktop capabilities.
  • Key Features: Expected upgrades include the latest Intel Core i7 processor, a larger and higher resolution touchscreen, and enhanced connectivity options such as Thunderbolt 4. Modular I/O ports for added flexibility in professional and personal use.
  • Why It’s Exciting: The Pocket 3 is designed to cater to professionals who need a powerful computing device that can be easily carried anywhere.
  • External Link: GPD Pocket 3
  1. GPD XP Plus
  • Overview: The GPD XP Plus is expected to be an advanced version of the GPD XP, focusing on mobile gaming with enhanced features and better performance.
  • Key Features: Improvements may include a more powerful chipset, possibly a MediaTek Dimensity 1200 or similar, better battery life, and improved cooling systems. The modular controller design is likely to be refined for better ergonomics and user experience.
  • Why It’s Exciting: For mobile gamers, the GPD XP Plus promises to provide console-like gaming on an Android platform, with the flexibility of removable controllers.
  1. GPD MicroPC 2

  • Overview: The GPD MicroPC 2 is anticipated to build upon the rugged, professional-oriented design of the original MicroPC, targeting IT professionals and field engineers.
  • Key Features: Likely to feature a more powerful processor, enhanced durability, and improved connectivity options including 5G support. Enhanced keyboard and additional programmable buttons are also expected.
  • Why It’s Exciting: This device will continue to cater to niche markets requiring robust and portable computing solutions with advanced connectivity.
  1. GPD WIN Max 2

  • Overview: The GPD WIN Max 2 is anticipated to be an even more powerful hybrid device, combining the best features of a gaming laptop and a mini-laptop.
  • Key Features: Expected to include the latest AMD Ryzen or Intel Core processors, enhanced graphics, a larger display, and an improved keyboard. It might also feature better thermal management and longer battery life.
  • Why It’s Exciting: Aimed at gamers and professionals alike, the WIN Max 2 promises to deliver unmatched performance in a highly portable form factor.
  • External Link: GPD WIN Max 2


GPD continues to innovate in the realm of portable computing, offering devices that cater to gamers, professionals, and tech enthusiasts. With the upcoming releases of the GPD WIN 4, Pocket 3, XP Plus, MicroPC 2, and WIN Max 2, users can expect enhanced performance, improved design, and cutting-edge technology. Stay tuned for these exciting new products from GPD.