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Top 10 Hidden Features in iOS 18

While iOS 18 introduces several headline features, it also includes many hidden gems that enhance the overall user experience. Here are the top 10 hidden features in iOS 18 that you might have missed.

  1. Background Sounds

iOS 18 includes a new Background Sounds feature to help you focus or relax. You can choose from a variety of sounds like ocean, rain, and white noise, which play in the background to mask unwanted environmental noise.

  1. Improved Spotlight Search

Spotlight Search is now more powerful, with improved search capabilities and better integration with apps. You can quickly find photos, messages, and web results from a single search.

  1. Enhanced Notes App

The Notes app in iOS 18 has received several upgrades, including new formatting options, tags for better organization, and quick access to recent notes.

  1. Live Text

Live Text allows you to interact with text in your photos. You can copy, paste, look up, and translate text from images, making it easier to extract and use information.

  1. Safari Extensions

Safari in iOS 18 supports extensions, allowing you to customize your browsing experience with third-party tools. Extensions can help with everything from blocking ads to managing passwords.

  1. Universal Control

Universal Control lets you use a single mouse and keyboard across multiple Apple devices. Seamlessly move your cursor between your iPad and Mac, and even drag and drop content between devices.

  1. Health App Enhancements

The Health app includes new features such as walking steadiness, which helps you monitor your stability and risk of falling, and new data tracking for health metrics like respiratory rate.

  1. Visual Lookup

Visual Lookup uses machine learning to identify objects in your photos. You can get more information about landmarks, plants, pets, and more directly from your images.

  1. App Privacy Report

The App Privacy Report shows you how apps are using your data, including which sensors and data each app has accessed over the past seven days.

  1. Find My Network Improvements

Find My Network now supports locating devices even when they’re turned off or erased. This makes it easier to recover lost or stolen devices.


iOS 18 is packed with hidden features that enhance usability and provide new ways to interact with your iPhone. From Background Sounds and improved Spotlight Search to Live Text and Safari Extensions, these hidden gems make iOS 18 a truly versatile and powerful operating system.