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The Best Geek Conventions to Attend in 2024

The Best Geek Conventions to Attend in 2024

Geek conventions are more popular than ever, offering fans the chance to immerse themselves in their favorite fandoms, meet celebrities, and discover new content. Here are some of the best geek conventions to attend in 2024.

  1. San Diego Comic-Con International

  • Overview: The largest and most well-known geek convention in the world, held annually in San Diego, California. It covers a wide range of genres, including comics, movies, TV shows, and pop culture.
  • Highlights: Exclusive panels, celebrity appearances, sneak peeks at upcoming films and TV shows, and a vast exhibit hall.
  • Dates: July 18-21, 2024
  • External Link:San Diego Comic-Con
  1. Dragon Con

  • Overview: A multi-genre convention held in Atlanta, Georgia, focusing on science fiction, fantasy, gaming, and more. Known for its vibrant cosplay scene and extensive programming.
  • Highlights: Over 3,500 hours of panels, workshops, and events, a massive parade, and late-night parties.
  • Dates: August 29 - September 2, 2024
  • External Link: Dragon Con
  1. New York Comic Con

  • Overview: The East Coast’s largest pop culture convention, held in New York City. It features comics, anime, gaming, and entertainment.
  • Highlights: Industry panels, exclusive screenings, celebrity Q&A sessions, and a bustling show floor.
  • Dates: October 3-6, 2024
  • External Link: New York Comic Con
  1. PAX West

  • Overview: A major gaming convention held in Seattle, Washington. It’s a celebration of all things gaming, from video games to tabletop games.
  • Highlights: Game demos, esports tournaments, panels with industry leaders, and a massive expo hall.
  • Dates: August 30 - September 2, 2024
  • External Link: PAX West
  1. Star Wars Celebration

  • Overview: The ultimate fan experience focused on all things Star Wars, held at various locations worldwide. The 2024 event will take place in Anaheim, California.
  • Highlights: Exclusive trailers, panels with cast and crew, immersive exhibits, and special merchandise.
  • Dates: April 18-21, 2024
  • External Link: Star Wars Celebration


Attending a geek convention is a fantastic way to celebrate your passions, meet like-minded fans, and get the latest scoop on your favorite franchises. Whether you’re into comics, gaming, or sci-fi, there’s a convention out there for you. Start planning your 2024 convention schedule now!