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iOS 18 vs. iOS 17: What's Changed?

iOS 18 vs. iOS 17: What's Changed?

With the release of iOS 18, many users are curious about the differences between the new operating system and its predecessor, iOS 17. In this comparison, we’ll highlight the key changes and improvements in iOS 18.

  1. User Interface Enhancements

iOS 18 features a refreshed user interface with more customization options for the home screen. Widgets are now more versatile, and the app library has been refined for better organization.

  1. Privacy Upgrades

Building on iOS 17’s privacy features, iOS 18 introduces App Privacy Reports and Mail Privacy Protection. These additions give users greater control and visibility over their data.

  1. Siri Improvements

Siri has been significantly improved in iOS 18, with faster processing, better voice recognition, and enhanced capabilities. On-device processing ensures that user data remains private.

  1. FaceTime Upgrades

FaceTime has been revamped with new features like spatial audio, voice isolation, and SharePlay. These enhancements provide a richer, more immersive communication experience.

  1. Focus Mode

iOS 18’s Focus Mode is a new addition designed to help users minimize distractions. By customizing notification settings based on activity, users can maintain focus throughout their day.


iOS 18 offers several key upgrades over iOS 17, including enhanced privacy features, improved Siri functionality, and a more customizable user interface. These changes make iOS 18 a compelling update for iPhone users seeking greater control and functionality.